The Wedding of Eric & Lonnie

A friendship that starts on FaceBook is not usually something that goes beyond a few ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’, but since Eric and Lonnie live near Ogunquit, we took a chance and took them up on their offer to meet up at an opening night cast party for a production at the Ogunquit Playhouse. It was an instant friendship, as Andy took to them as quickly as I did – and we hung out whenever we could in Ogunquit.

It was a joy to hear that they were getting legally married at long last (after fighting the good fight for marriage equality in Maine), and it was an honor to make it onto their coveted invite list. Their wedding was the impetus for this vacation in fact, and the reason for our journey to Portland, onto which we piggy-backed our anniversary celebration in Ogunquit.

Their home is an exquisite respite in Gray, ME – a gorgeous combination of old and new, and the perfect conjoining of two complementary personalities who have served as an inspiration to any couple looking to make it last.

As often happens to me at weddings, I found myself incredibly moved ~ even more-so when talk turned to the trials and travails of what it took to reach such a moment in history. if you’ve never been denied the right to marry the person you love, you can’t know the joyous appreciation of when it finally happens.

The ceremony was simple and casual, but somehow more meaningful for it. Both Eric and Lonnie spoke from the heart, in vows that brought us all to tears, and it was a brush with grace to be in the presence of such love. It’s something that emboldens all of us as human beings ~ the universal good-will felt towards two people who love one another, and who have lived a life together and made the promise to keep going. It never fails to affect me.

On the beautiful grounds of their home, the guests gathered and surrounded the happy couple. It was an idyllic moment ~ the heat-wave subsided as a cool breeze arrived, the storms stayed away, and the company of well-wishers – and the wonderfully fun friends and family of Lonnie and Eric – made for an unforgettable day.

A fun side-note: I have always wanted to attend a party or event where a harpist played, and it finally happened at this wedding. I followed this charming young woman around as she plucked her strings and brought such heavenly music to the surroundings. I asked if I could take her picture, explaining how it had always been a dream of mine to have a harpist at a party. She was gracious and happily posed for my exuberant picture-taking. I think she thought I was a little touched. She was very intuitive that way. 

The gardens were at their bountiful peak, spilling forth dahlias and daylilies, as grand urns overflowed with colorful petunias and begonias. It was as if the entire landscape had conspired to decorate itself for the wedding.

Some things are just meant to be.

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