Olympic Hero Spotlight: Amini Fonua

amini fonua 0

“It is still illegal to be gay in Tonga, and while I’m strong enough to be me in front of the world, not everybody else is. Respect that.” ~ Amini Fonua

The amazingly courageous Amini Fonua is an openly-gay athlete competing in the Summer Olympics this year. He represents Tonga, where it is illegal to be gay. His openness is both brave and heroic, and he puts a very powerful face on the fact that there is still hatred and discrimination in this world. For those who have never had to wonder whether being themselves would endanger them, I ask that you think about what it would be like if your sexuality was a constant source of angst and worry, if you had to be concerned that who you love might land you in jail, beaten up, or killed. Mr. Fonua is fighting against that, and that deserves more than a gold medal.

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