Cutest Olympic Pair: Dan & Tom

dan and tom 1

While David Boudia and Steele Johnson may have the hold on Sexiest Olympic Pair, Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow are arguably the Cutest Pair to medal with Olympic Glory. As we ooh and ogle over the fittest forms the world has to offer, it’s a good moment to remember that, perhaps more than anything else, the Olympics are about teamwork. There are definitely (I was absolutely riveted by a women’s volleyball game, for instance, even more than a men’s swimming event, and that goes to show you just how powerful the pull of human teamwork can be). In this instance, we have the best of both worlds.

Tom Daley is no stranger to these pages, from reading in his Speedo to jumping around in his Speedo to doing it all almost without his Speedo. Dan Goodfellow is a newcomer here, but stay tuned for his impending Hunk of the Day honor. Taken together, they spun through the air in glorious tandem, and with enough skill to earn a medal.

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