Tom Daley’s Speedo at Bursting Point

t daley 101

It’s been a while since Mr. Daley has graced these pages with his Speedo-clad package, so let us rectify that immediately.  Here he is in training for this summer’s upcoming Olympics, a celebration in Rio of all things tunga. The summer Olympics are always filled with more flesh than their winter counterpart, for obvious reasons, and this year looks to be overflowing with skin-baring suits and men and women at their physical prime. Tom Daley certainly fits that fitter-than-fit bill.

While the figure skaters are having their winter’s day, upcoming Hunks will include members of the US Gymnastics Team in preparation for this summer’s big events. There will be swimmers and divers too, and Michael Phelps might even squeeze himself into a onesie again. All good things to those who wait.

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