Classic Shot Series ~ Sepia Rope

Continuing our month-year-long celebration of a decade of, this is one of the “Classic Shot Series“, taken some eight or nine years ago. Someone on FaceBook (whose profile pic was some cat or flower) challenged me to what made these photos “classic”. I thought of a number of responses, but in the end it came down to this: because I said so. And screw anyone who’s going to critique my pictures when they don’t even display one of their own for their profile.

This set was also shot for ‘The Divine Diva Tour: A Fairy’s Tale’, intended for the build-up to the finale, which takes a darker turn. The notion of a picnic basket lends a fairy-tale aspect to the scene, but the rope inside gives it a decidedly different feel. Both menacing and threatening, there is also a comedic element that is exemplified by the sunglasses and the shoes – dangerously high platforms that, in person, removed any real danger to the persona on hand.

Tie me up, tie me down…

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