Boston Oddities

There’s a story to every picture, but it doesn’t always need to be told. The tales attached to these photos likely wouldn’t interest you much, and to be honest most of them are of little interest to me. (Trifles of anecdotes, and more a moment of memory than any substantial dramatic narrative, they are fragments of the in-between.) Rather than fill the viewer in on the mundane trappings of what the surrounding circumstances were for each of these photos, I’m inviting those who so wish to choose their own adventure and make up their own back-story for the images here.

Of course, I’m also lazy as hell this week, after a weekend of working my ass off. At last tally:

–        23 lawn bags filled and dragged to curb

–        14 blog posts written

–        9 patio containers planted

–        7 hanging planters filled

–        6 nursery runs made (to procure said plants and potting materials in tiny Mini Cooper)

–        3 cologne samples tested

–        3 sandwiches (and 1 salad) made for canopy assembly assistants

–        1 canopy assembled (with help from said assistants)

Now I’m distracting you with other thoughts and things which is the anti-thesis of what I was hoping to accomplish with this post. Apologies.

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