Madonna at the Grammys ~ Tonight!

Tonight’s marks Madonna’s return to performing on the Grammys – I think she’s done it three times before. The first was when she was basking in the success of ‘Ray of Light‘, with her slightly-shaky-voiced ‘Nothing Really Matters‘ – in and elaborate Geisha-by-Gaultier get-up. Visually it was my favorite of her performances.

A couple of years later she previewed her ‘Drowned World Tour‘ by dancing on the hood of a stretch limo for ‘Music’. It was a fun, stimulating, if straightforward performance, the kind of old-school entertainment that consisted of singing and some dance moves – it’s what Madonna does best.

Her last live performance on the Grammys was, I believe, in 2006 with ‘Hung Up’. It was the choreography and routine we’d seen a thousand times by that point, but a nifty intro by the Gorillaz, and Madonna’s own holographic entrance (before actually appearing) injected some new life into the song.

I won’t give away who she’s rumored to be appearing with tonight, and I have no idea what she’ll be performing. That’s the best thing about Madonna – she’s still full of surprises.

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