Last Friday…


That’s me, on the steps of our Boston condo, on the morning of my 37th birthday. As much as I love a good party, I’ve never been one to do it up on my birthday, preferring smaller and more intimate celebrations – and nothing is more intimate than me and Andy. So what did I do on the anniversary of my birth? I got a new shower curtain at Marshall’s, scrubbed the bathtub on my hands and knees, washed a new set of bed sheets, and made up the bed. When someone else does it the rest of the year, it’s almost a treat, and certainly a special event.

Andy got me the last bottle of Tom Ford’s ‘Amber Absolute’ at Saks – I was about to get a different fragrance, and actually had it bagged and purchased, but upon hearing that it was indeed discontinued we made the last-minute change. It will be the perfect choice for the Fall. We spent a little afternoon siesta at the condo, where I read a bit and lounged before heading out for a birthday dinner and show.

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