Male Miscellany

We interrupt our usual nightly parade of Hunk of the Day posts to bring you a group feature of men that have graced these pages before but are worthy of another look. We begin with a pair of brothers who have each made their hunky marks here: Nick and Joe Jonas. If you’re into brothers… well, that’s kind of gross. Nick is by far the favored son in these parts, thanks to titillating shots like these and nude sex scenes like those.

Nick has charmed the pants off everyone but himself in previous posts, and he’s looking to do so again, as soon as his next project needs some provocative promotion,

Of course, nothing beats Nick Jonas in naked motion.

Joe Jonas has been bulking up of late too, giving his younger sibling a run for his almost-naked money, getting ready to hopefully bare his own cake by the ocean. His turn as Hunk of the Day was followed by other shirtless posts like this to keep his fans salivating.

Football season is upon us, and no one hypes it up more than Julian Edelman of my beloved New England Patriots. He’s a much better man than Tom Brady for many reasons, starting with that chest hair.


Joe Santagato is a hilarious take-no-prisoners kind of social media warrior, and a welcome sight for sore and non-sore eyes.

Finally, and fittingly, bringing up the rear of this post is the bodacious bum of Luke Casey who was featured here not once but twice.

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