Reichen Lehmkuhl, Naked Law School Student

12Reichen Lehmkuhl 101

According to Queerty, Reichen Lehmkuhl is heading to law school to get away from the evil blogger queens (excuse me?) who are attacking him for being so perfect. Here is how he puts it: “As much as I will miss the illustrious and fabulous life of an ‘A-list reality star,’ being public, being subject to the small but progressive, loud and proud, “gay-hate and take-down-other gays” judgment machine, and being the target of gossip from the flawless corps of amazingly accomplished, secure, sassy, role model bloggers of the gay media hate-o-sphere… the dignity department of my soul tells me that it’s time for a new direction.”

Not sure law school is the way to go, but at least he’ll be able to figure out if he has any chance of successfully suing folks for putting up those full-frontal images of the jerk-off session he did online – wait, can you sue your own self? Check into that, Reichen. (We don’t do full-frontal here, so you’ll have to look those up yourself; I’ll give you his ass as a consolation prize.)

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