Who’s Hotter: Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow?


Both of these guys is playing football today, though I couldn’t tell you where or when or what team they might be on. I don’t even know if it’s the National or American League. The point of this post is to make a determination as to which player is hotter. (This is where important decisions get decided.) Personally, it’s a tough call – they’re equally unremarkable – but I’d have to give the slight edge to Mark Sanchez. Especially when he gets the GQ treatment. He just cleans up better.

I’m not saying my decision is final – and we all know I’m someone who changes his tastes as time goes on. To be honest, a year or two ago my position would have been the opposite. It took a while for Mr. Sanchez to grow on me, and a little Tebow-overexposure-exhaustion to set in. Then there’s the hair – soft curls trump gel spikes any day.

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