A Shirtless, Smutty (And Naked) Saturday ~ Part 2

Forget the shirtless – let’s just take off all their clothes. Here is a brief (or brief-less) collection of some of the guys who have deigned to remove their sartorial armor and get all buck naked (and in most of these cases buff naked). There’s no ailment a little gratuitous male nudity can’t instantly fix, or at least soothe. So without further ado or pesky clothes, here are some of those naked men.

It begins, fittingly, with the royal tush of Prince Harry, baring his bottom whilst gaming it up in Las Vegas.

Though he is technically naked here, you may not be happy with the hands of Adam Levine’s girlfriend, covering up his junk in annoying jungle red.

Things get a little Biblical with a man named Jesus (Luz), who once dated the real Dude’s mother’s namesake, Madonna.

Feel free to play ball with Patriot Rob Gronkowski and don’t bother wearing a cup because he didn’t.

Though he was already featured earlier today, he wasn’t naked. But Nick Youngquest is naked now.

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