Wintry Rehash

It seems like I’ve written about snowstorms enough for this year, and I’m really quite done with them. We’re just over the winter hump, however, and the days are slowly getting longer. Even in the midst of such snow, I detected a small sliver of spring when the sun came out this past Friday. We’re headed in the right direction – the only direction. Onward to a new week, but not before one quick glance back…

David Beckham was supposed to get uncovered and naked, and purportedly did as his Super Bowl commercial would have one believe, but I didn’t buy it.

We opened up the new kitchen to our first dinner guests – my family – and the twins made themselves right at home. It was a simple, but fun dinner, and the start of a new chapter.

What dreams… and nightmaresmay come.

The Winter Olympics, hosted by a rather inhospitable (if not downright dangerous) Sochi kicked off, and in honor of that I kicked off our gayest-of-gay coverage with a scintillating, shirtless, and sometimes-naked post featuring lots of male Olympian skin. Suck on that, Putin.

There was no shortage of Hunks to heat things up, which is a good thing at any time of the year, but especially in the doldrums of winter. Many thanks to Cole Horibe, Greg Rutherford, David Mcintosh, Matteo Guarise, Mark Wright, and Darren Criss.

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