Week in Review: 1/20 ~ 1/27

Before I begin the Washington, DC recap, let’s get through a quick review of the week that came before. It was a damn cold one – cold even for the most robust of upstaters, which is saying something because we’re a pretty hardy crew. But when wind-chills dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit, there’s a big damn problem. I’ve taken to wearing two scarves (and you all thought my accessorizing addiction was purely aesthetic) and, gasp, a hat – if I know I’ll be walking to a place where the state of my hair won’t matter. Anyway, our weekly look back:

  • The week began on a manic Monday, only it was actually a look at the Hazy Shade of Winter.
  • The Madonna Timeline moved to ‘Falling Free’, one of the best tracks from her MDNA album.
  •  I resurrected some of my naughty bits from my last trip to Washington (in honor of this weekend’s trip), here and here and here – but that hotel had a heated bathroom floor (I didn’t get nearly as naked for the camera on this recent trip, as you will see.)
  •  I’ll leave that to the proper Hunks of the Day, who took their shirts off despite the chill, and hopefully worked to heat things up. For that, a word of thanks to the strong and silent Ed Burns, Shakira’s Baby Daddy Edward Pique, and the diver who is giving Tom Daley a run for his Speedo-clad money, a very naked Chris Mears.
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