Hunk of the Day: Gerard Piqué


Spanish Footballer. Shakira Baby Daddy. And now Hunk of the Day. This is Gerard Piqué. Apparently he got Shakira pregnant about nine months ago, as she just popped out the baby yesterday. Personally I had no idea Ms. Shakira was even with child (her hips apparently do lie), but I’m nothing but happy for her, and her sexy sperm donor. (Surely that’s one of his baby-making faces above, no?) There’s an almost-obscene clip of his, err, arousal floating around the internet, but you’ll have to find it yourself. Somewhere there’s a line, and though I don’t always draw it, once in a while I feel the need.

Who doesn’t love an artsy-fartsy pic of an almost-nude pregnant lady? [I'm going to raise my hand here.]

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