The Last Recap of the Year

When next we recapitulate events, it will be in 2016, so technically this is the last recap of the year. There will be no recap-of-recaps – that’s what the Year in Review posts are for (and they begin on December 30, so get ready.) On with the end…

It began fittingly with a Holiday Children’s Hour (well, three-hours) gathering in Boston, which turned out to be one of the unexpected highlights in a season of disappointment.

Holiday decorating at its most opulent.

Cute Oxford boys tackle a holiday chestnut.

Annie Lennox celebrated a birthday, and the holiday.

I love a man who comes at midnight.

Merry Merry, quite contrary.

It’s hard to find Holiday-themed Hunks, but these gentlemen took off everything but their Santa’s hats and helped: Trystan Bull and Gavin Henson.

After the Big Man in the questionable red fur ensemble departs, a welcome lull in the action.

As we turn the corner onto another year, it’s the pocket of time when Norma Desmond made her confession to Joe Gillis.

The Madonna Timeline returned before the year ran out, and it was the polarizing ‘Bitch I’m Madonna.’

A couple more Hunks that had nothing to do with Christmas: Alex Barber and José Loreto.

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