Spring My Ass

As I write this, a storm is flirting with the coast of New England, and it doesn’t sound like a spring storm either. That sneaky ‘S’-word, which has not really made much of an appearance this year, is slated to fall again. I’m hoping it just skirts the upstate New York area, but if it comes at us, I can take this one final blast. On with the past week…

The spring season has officially begun – at least according to the calendar, and these jonquils.

Wacky wonker Donald Trump.

St. Patrick’s Day came, and this blog celebrated with a gratuitous ginger post.

And this naked ginger post to boot.

Someone once said this prayer doubles as a blow-job.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour went back to Boston, but the Tour Book was still lost in the forest. That is, until we found our way out of the woods.

Zac Efron busted out his guns.

Warming the final days of winter were the following eclectic Hunks: Tom Lawlor, Mark Duplass, James Cerne,  Robert Ri’chard, Kevin Love, and Justin Lacko.

Best moment of the week, and the year thus far: the first day of spring.

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