The DG Tour: Red Riding Wood – Part 5

There are warning signs when you’ve strayed too far into the woods. Subtle hints that you’ve stayed too long. A distortion of views, a super-saturation of colors. Suddenly, everything is askew, and the way you see the world is turned on its head. Though it is a small shift from all outward appearances, it is an alteration of the very structure upon which your existence depends. Being in the woods changes everyone. It changes everything.

You have a sword to draw, but you do not know why.

You have a stream to cross, but you do not know how.

You have a choice to make, but you do not know what.

You sip from the stream of knowledge, not knowing whether the waters are poisoned or pure. It feels good to swallow so you continue to drink. When you wipe the last drops from your lips, when your stomach is satiated and full, you stand up and survey the situation. Here is the stream you heard from the start. Here is the path that will take you out of the woods.

Our time in the forest has come to a close. We exit the soft darkness into the winter. Come, let us go.

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