On This First Day of Spring…


 The weather forecast looks dreary, and I’m due back from Boston at some point today, so my fingers are crossed any storms hold off until a little later. I was in town for a couple of contractor estimate meetings in the hopes of finding something within the limited bathroom budget. As we are still in the planning stages, I remain hopeful. For now, here is a quick look back at other starts of spring, and other beautiful beginnings. It encapsulates most of the official “1st day of spring” posts.

The season has officially begun, even if temperatures won’t truly indicate that for a while. I’m simply grateful to have survived another winter in the Northeast. Granted, it was a mild and mellow one, and we escaped relatively unscathed. After last year’s never-ending torture, we deserved it. Now, onto the seasons of light and warmth, and not a moment too soon.

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