Spring Born in the Snow

A fresh blanket of white stuff covers the land, and the first day of spring looks remarkably similar to the first day of winter. It’s a kick in the face to those of us so desperately hoping for something warmer, something sunnier, something less fucking winter-like. Enough is enough.

In honor of this seasonal change, let’s look back a year or two at some other first days of spring. You’ll find it’s not all that different. For instance, in 2013 I seemed to be equally unimpressed with the arrival of the new season. (I’m so bitchy sometimes.) But on that day I had some moving musical memories to keep me warm. (Plus, Hunk of the Day Dylan McDermott was keeping everything else quite hot.)

Sometimes the moon helps ring in the spring season, as it did in 2011 (even if I didn’t show my moon.)

Last year it seems the seasonal shift made no mark on blog posts, as they stayed smutty and shirtless, as in this one featuring Henry Cavill, and this one featuring Hunk of the Day Jason Beitel. To be fair, they were merely  lead-ins for the lead-us-into-temptation bit of this post. (And so we don’t just push you to the edge and stop, the climax.)

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