Rainy Recap at the Start of August

Welcome August! A mostly fabulous month – our last full one of summer – and the one in which I entered this world forty-some decades ago. I know, no one believes I’m 40, but there you have it. This year I’ll be 41. Get your gift engines revving. That blessed event won’t take place until the 24th, so for now, a look back at the week that just passed on

The self-proclaimed most-well-endowed Jonas Brother, Joe, released this shirtless photo as he aims to garner the gay following of his bro Nick.

A dark confession: I was raised a Republican. But since I learned to think for myself (and especially since the Republican party wrote hatred and gay conversion therapy into their actual platform) I am now a proud Democrat.

A pretty clematis.

A Boston beauty – 1.

A Boston beauty – 2.

A Boston beauty – 3.

Summer Memories: my baseball days… well, as close as I’ll get.

Rain roses.

Watch where you walk cause the sidewalks talk.

Pop it like it’s hot.

This may be my favorite musical, and this is a magnificent production.

Swimming out of July, in sadness and glory.

This is how you lip-sync for your life.

Traditional Hunks of the Day included the fine forms of Alexis Descalzo, Jesus Luz, Alex Bowen, Tyler Clinton and Brian Lewis.

And, from the scorching photo featured for this post, a Double Hunk of the Day: Rick Twombley & Griff King.

Happy August!!

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