Our Wedding, Part 4: The Dawn of the Wedding Day

I wake first, as usual, and pad into the living room. It is a beautiful sunny day , and the light fills the window that looks out over the Public Garden.

It is still and silent. A sense of calm anticipation fills me, and a quiet elation, as I contemplate that I will soon be marrying the man that I love.

I peer through the window and can just barely make out the spot where we will be married. Though Andy sleeps in the room right next to me, I feel sublimely alone, and safe in the knowledge that he is here.

These are our last moments as single men. Despite the fact that nothing will change, it is a shift. We will now be bound together. It is a rite of passage, another step in growing up, and we are ready.

Both Andy and I had led extensive lives before we met one another, and in the almost ten-years we have been together we have continued to do so. But our wedding will mark a milestone – a delicate demarcation in our journey. We are letting go of what came before, and this is a new beginning for both of us.

In the hours before we are joined, I have this one last moment to myself.

{To be continued…}

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