Mad Face Recap

It was the week that I went to Washington, DC and came back a free man. My complete banishment from FaceBook – for supposedly pretending to be someone else and using a name that was not authentic – formed the brunt of my big news of the week, but on more careful contemplation it turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened. Especially as the gardening season is about to begin and I need all the daylight hours I can get. Onto the other days that came before…

The muse is Madonna.

The beauty is Tom Berklund.

The hope is a crocus.

The majesty is Matheus.

The shadow is pretty.

The beginning is extravagant.

The hunk is Frankie Z.

The man is Mr. Wilson.

The warrior is ready.

The tour is bloody.

The question is valid.

The song is for Sunday.

The designer is naked.

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