Changing of the Guard

There’s something to be said for having a routine.

There’s also something to be said for throwing routine out the window.

This post will hopefully do a little of both.

You may have come to expect a Hunk of the Day in the spot, as this is usually the reserved time an place for that popular feature, but I don’t like such predictable plots, even if they afford some sense of surety in a world gone increasingly mad. The good news is that the Hunk of the Day is not going away anytime soon, it will just shift around a bit. It may also not be an everyday thing – I never claimed it was the Hunk of Each and Every Day.

For spring and possibly beyond, I’d like to switch things up and inject new life into this blog. It seems that it’s a common wish every few months, and that’s been keeping things fresh and engaging to me, but after thirteen years of this, I give in to ennui and autopilot. The only way to keep me on my feet is to do new things, try out new formats, embark on new projects. This is as much a diary as it is a repository for my work, equal parts of revelation and creativity. Hopefully it’s a wee bit entertaining as well (even if most of you like to see me fall flat on my face – it’s ok to admit it).

I’m starting to think of this like those islands that form personality in ‘Inside Out’ (please don’t watch that movie without tissues handy). The first time you see some of those islands fall – Friendship Island, Honesty Island – it’s heartbreaking, and hard to let go. Only after going through the hard stuff do you realize that other islands have formed in their wake. Better islands, more beautiful islands – the islands that will see us through this wild and crazy life together.

This is my afternoon post for a Monday. There is no shirtless Hunk. There is no Madonna. There is just us. That’s pretty exciting. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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