Hunk of the Day: Frankie Z

Frankie Zulferino 101

With those piercing blue eyes and that tender way around a beloved pop song, Frankie Z is a shoo-in for the Hunk of the Day. Not everyone can cover a Madonna song in a way that impresses or even halfway amuses me, but his rendition of ‘Like A Prayer’ rivals her very best covers (which I would attribute to Tori Amos). He wisely treats the track with delicate reverence, choosing to highlight its timeless ethereal quality rather than attempt any sacrilegious reworking of what’s undeniably perfect in its original form.

As for Frankie Z’s future, he possesses the handsome good looks of a proper pop star in-the-making, one who can take a boy band beginning and craft it into a durable long-term career. He’s about to embark on a new solo project, so we’ll see if ‘Like A Prayer’ takes him there.

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