Easter Monday Recap

Now that He is Risen, may we all get back into the groove? It’s been a week of high holy madness, with a (hopefully) final resolution of all my bunny issues, and a slightly more poignant Easter memory of my grandmother.

It was also the week I returned to Boston after a snow-blocked winter.  There’s nothing better than a Market Daze.

Confessions: I slept with a woman.

And Tom Daley went full-frontal on us.

And you won the lottery.

In the midst of all the holiness, a holy backlash.

A pair of Holy Hunks: Pietro Boselli and Aaron O’Connell.

It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion.

A Boston Tea Party, minus the hate.

If I were married to a woman, it might look something like this. And that’s no laughing matter.

Finally, Nick Jonas got all nude and naked on us. Happy Easter indeed.

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