A Laughing Matter

There’s no greater joy than dissolving into uncontrollable laughter with an old friend over nothing. As you can see from the evolution of these photos, I tried to be serious, but ultimately failed. Kira held it together much better, but her expression seems more confused (and therefore more hilarious) than anything else. Like so many who know me so well, my antics don’t register as anything more than typical nonsense. All in a day.

We tried to do a more meaningful photo set earlier in the day, but these lighthearted shots are more indicative of our easygoing, enjoyable relationship. I’ve known Kira for almost seventeen years, and in that time she’s become like family. I’ve never needed that more than I have recently, so seeing her in Boston last weekend was a boon to my heart.

She’s one of the few people in the world around whom I am completely comfortable to be myself, and to let my guard down. Hell, I even got into bed with the woman. (Despite what you may have heard in the past, I don’t usually do that. I like  healthy three feet of distance between me and the closest person, and woe to those who violate that issue.)

She’s like a sister to me, and someday I’ll go deep and try to figure out why I seek out substitute parents and siblings who will protect and make me feel safe. Kira does that ~ in her unassuming kindness, in her supportive, helpful way, in her genuinely good-hearted nature. It is one thing to act out of forced familial obligation, quite another to actively choose to be kind and interested in someone.

As you can tell from the evolution of these photos, we always deteriorate into laughter, no matter how hard I try to be serious. That ease and release is something I treasure above all else. It’s rare and it’s precious and it’s the only way I’ve known to feel like all is right with the world.

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