Blue Boston Brilliance

A blue sky after a very gray winter can be a boon to the soul, and Boston offered one of its most blue moments this past weekend. There were a few rain showers, but in-between I got a peek at what’s been hidden all this time. Though the wind was the strongest I’ve experienced in a while, the sky was mostly clear but for some swiftly-moving bands of clouds, captured here in the reflection of the John Hancock Tower.

Beside the mighty tower, the warm hues of the dwarfed Trinity Church provide the history of old and relatively new encapsulated in one gorgeous juxtaposition. That’s one of the most charming aspects of Boston – the old and the new beautifully co-existing and forging a future together.

As for my visit, I accomplished much: a major spring cleaning, in four separate stages (vacuuming/dusting, floor mopping, bathroom, and the carting out of garbage). Setting the stage for Boston weekends to come this spring, this annual rite of passage always makes me happy. I live in the anticipatory moments, in the times of preparation and planning. Good times with Kira and JoAnn are in store…

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