December 21 – Then and Now

The first day of winter. Doesn’t seem possible. Feels like we’ve been having winter for quite some time – and yet here it is, only the first official day. That does not bode well for the months to come, the long winter ahead, the snow and ice and frigid temperatures. I already want out.

What did we do on December 21 in previous years? An archived blog helps to figure that out, starting with this entry from 2011. Well, perhaps that’s not so much we did as much as what was posted on said date. The same goes for this post from 2012, and this one from that same year. (2012 was good to us on that date, as Harry Judd also got shirtless then.)

Last year at this time things were stripped bare, Nolan Funk got into his underwear, and an angel came down.

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