Pre-Christmas Recap

Christmas is coming – it’s practically here! I just spent the weekend in Boston finishing up holiday strolls and holiday shopping, and I’m going to lay low for the rest of the holiday season because I’m not feeling up for fanfare. In the words of that amazing artist who use released a few new songs, “I can’t be  super-hero right now, Even a heart made of shell can break down.” Yeah, I’m feeling that this week. But first, a look back at the last.

A pair of impostors remained a mystery, if a remarkably accurate facsimile of the real thing.

Straight ally  John Fugelsang proved that smart could be sexy, as he was crowned Hunk of the Day.

Porn star Nick Capra proved that hotness is more than skin deep.

Jane Hamilton proved that a good book can be a best friend.

More hunks, in the form of José Anmer Paredes and Mitch ‘The Dragon’ Chilson kept things hot and steamy while December went cold and dark. But not without the glimmer that is Josh Green.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a dose of family drama. This likely won’t be my last word on things, because if there’s one thing I learned in therapy it’s that things are better said out loud than kept inside. As that wise woman taunts, “It might sound like I’m an unapologetic bitch, but sometimes you know I gotta call it like it is.”

You know you never really knew how much you loved me ’til you lost me…

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