Come, Sit By Me

Our usual Monday recap will be up later today, but before we get back into it, I’d like to offer you a seat. If you’re here on a Monday morning, chances are you’ve been here before. Allow me to welcome you back. Let’s settle in for a little chat – one-sided as per usual, but I’m not big on blog comments so this will have to do.

I just want to thank you for visiting. Not one for visitors in real life, I appreciate the virtual ones much more, and as such want to make this an enjoyable and comfortable experience. While I can’t actually offer you much more than words and visages, I’d recommend getting comfortable and turning this into an experience.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe later come back with a cocktail. We’ll raise a glass or mug to our health, to our shared moment, to the fact that in some small way we are connected here.

Pull up that fancy chair (courtesy of the Hotel Monaco in Washington, as I don’t live anywhere near as fancy as the environs pictured – because I love a Washington Kimpton.) Inhale the perfume of that majestic lily. Stretch your legs and relax. This is a place of peace. We can be quiet and content here.

Maybe you’d like some music. A delicate French piano piece, perhaps, or maybe some minimalist jazz – slow-going, lazy, mesmerizing and gentle. Pick something soothing, something slightly ambient. We won’t do anything so taxing as singing along, and it should rise only to the level of background noise. Peaceful, fuzzy, tranquilizing white noise that hums unobtrusively like some misty woodland backdrop.

There is beauty to be found among these pages, archived posts that speak of flowers and nature and handsome things that never ask for engagement beyond a glance or a pause. Peruse at your own speed, slowing when you want to rest, advancing when you’d like to move ahead. You design your experience here.

In my virtual living room, I sit beside you, and you are a treasured and welcomed guest. Come, let us take the day together…

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