Happy Mother’s Day

A late-in-the-day post dedicated to my Mom on this special day. We’ll be belatedly celebrating on our semi-somewhat-annual Broadway trip to New York in a couple of weeks, but for now a bookmark of thanks for being such a great Mom and grandmother.

In many ways, I am who I am today because of her. She’s the one who first taught me how to put together an outfit, the one who showed me the fun and joy in shopping, and the one who instilled a love of traveling, with her impeccably-planned summer vacations. She kept the family together when three men were consistently at odds with one another, and formed the pillar of our home when my brother’s and my growing pains threatened to tear it all down. Because of her, our family remains a family to this day. Throughout it all, she maintained a sense of style and class that inspired me to carry myself a certain way, no matter how I might be feeling on the inside, a grace that is a continual reminder to keep going whenever I feel like giving up.

Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest Mom in the world – and to all the Moms out there. It’s the hardest job anyone can do, but it’s never gone unnoticed.

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