Blood Moon Recap

Doing my damnedest to avoid the usual insanity that accompanies such lunar events, I’m laying low for a day or two until this zaniness passes. I seek peace and quiet, searching out meditative moments of respite in a reckless day. While that whirls on and the world surveys the cycles of the moon and the stars, let us look quickly back with our traditional Monday recap. (Remaining Seattle adventures to come…)

The summer annuals held on during the last few days of the sunny season.

Even so, summer had to come to an end. It always does, it always will. Luckily, the same holds true for its return.

A few last minute summer Hunks held onto the heat: Luca Agra and Cody Calafiore.

Fall holds its own enchantments.

Before we go full-fall throttle, however, a last journey for the end of the summer: Seattle.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour touched down in the Emerald City for some good food, a glorious walk in the woods, a brush with hardy cyclamen, a naked view, a pod of orcas, and a damn fine cup of coffee. The rest of the trip unfolds a little later, as does the rest of fall.


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