April Shower Cap

Well, an April shower recap to be more precise. In the last week we’ve had hail, snow, rain, wind, sun, and 70 degree temps. Don’t ask why I’m so nutty. If you lived in these extremes you’d be batshit cray cray too. I’m hoping things level off – they’re better when they’re placid. Let’s get into the recap…

The week began with this cock (tail).

The beautiful Matt Vose inserted some hunkiness into the early days of the week.

Things shifted to family affairs, beginning with this look back at my brother’s birthday.

Easter was spent in Amsterdam this year, with Andy and Emi mugging for the camera.

It was the weekend that the twins turned six, and they are as precocious as ever.

A reminder of what this site has always striven to be.

And proof that contradiction is the sign of true genius.

Things returned to their dirty gay porn ways with Hunk of the Day Leo Giamani.

Continuing that thread, a full-frontal cock-tease.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour continued its merry march.

The Warrior Retribution section saw me looking all sorts of ridiculous.

Sunday in New York, backed by Shirley Horn.

Since the cock seemed to rule the week, here’s the Hunk of the Day feature for Joaquín Ferreira.

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