In the Midst of the Day’s Eye

Having missed a lovely trip into NYC for a friend’s wedding thanks to snow squalls and winter-in-April insanity, I was hungry for something hopeful, something sunny, something that elicited the promise of spring in the face of all the cold and wind. I turned to future plans for Boston, as well as warm and fuzzy memories of fun times past in that fair city.

When I did that, I started thinking: so much of my life is about the planning and the anticipation. Very rarely do I inhabit the moment and let loose, and for the longest time it’s what I’ve strived to do. There have been periods of happiness when I managed to succeed. As silly as it sounds, Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ album helped me do that. It was all about the moment, and making the most of it, and I truly lived in the moment the summer after its release. To this day, I try to reclaim that freedom. Maybe this is the spring and summer it will happen. I hold out the hope…

Even so, it’s fun to plan ahead, and it’s always good to have something to which we might look forward. I know no other way to get through the difficult days. Not in dwelling in the dismal past do we find a way forward. And so, I look ahead to the next party, the next vacation, the next big thing. And the new… always the new… ever the new… Cheers to the new.

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