An April Showers Recap

Somewhere a drag queen named ‘April Showers’ is basking in her time of the year. For the rest of us, we’re just scrambling to clean up the yard after a late start to spring. At last count, I’d filled 47 lawn bags with winter debris – about par for the clean-up course. There is still some more to go – a long-neglected bit of side-yard that never gets the care it so badly needs, for example. But I won’t bore you with that – drudgery is never very sexy. On with the last week…

It began with a pair of shoes by Tom Ford that were absolutely exquisite. I would sell my soul for shoes like that.

Beauty was apparent on more than feet, though, as proven by this bouquet of tulips.

 Scratch and sniff, without the scratch.

A poem.

Stuck in the past, frozen in my underwear.

The Minneapolis adventures began (and will continue soon enough), with the Mall of America and its accompanying aquarium. And the popping of my Minnesota cherry.

Are gay men just plain slutty?

Insecure… Alone…The human touch…

A different sort of April Shower may have been produced by a glimpse at the Hunks of the Day, thanks to Miguel Ortiz, Jose Parra, Andre Mull, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Karan Oberoi, Pedro Andrade and Matthew Terry.

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