Upon Entering Provincetown

Provincetown opens its gates and arms to all visitors, welcoming them to the sea-surrounded town and instantly releasing all other worldly cares for the duration of a stay. This is the first time that Andy and I have been here together, and it was much too short. A day or two of decompression, to fully relax and get into the swing of things, would have been nice, but that was all we had, so the decompression period had to be condensed.
Fortunately, the spirit of P-town pervades and transforms the moment you reach this tail-end of the Cape. There is something calming and healing about the sea, even in a storm (which we thankfully did not have). As it was, the weather was perfectly sunny in the low 80’s, with a soft bay breeze – idyllic conditions that would remain for the length of our brief trip.
We arrived early enough to have a fish fry, and still have enough room for dinner later that evening, and then we strolled along Commercial Street before checking in to our hotel.
The landmarks were resplendent in the afternoon sun, and I was reminded of the most impressive aspect of Provincetown – the light. It is a well-renowned and well-deserved place for artists, because of that light. It is, at just about every point in the day, a magical thing.
And then there is the sea – but more on that later…
For now, we headed back to our lodgings to prepare for dinner.
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