A Recap After Turning 41

This birthday snuck up on me, perhaps because I wanted 40 to stretch on as long as my 30’s did. Well, it didn’t, and we are already on the other side, so let’s recap the week before instead of looking ahead so soon.

Boston welcomed me back by banning my website in Primark. I mean, come on, even H&M allows viewers access. As much as you want to make this a porn site, it’s not. Sorry.

My birthday suit post won’t help matters much, I suppose. But here I go again.

The upcoming fall season already has a fragrance, courtesy of Tom Ford and one of his strongest Private Blends to be released in a number of years.

Just say no.

Read me.

Someone always gets upset over this type of post.

The last days of peace in Boston.

All the gay boys lost their minds.

I want to be where the sun warms the sky

Those sexy, shirtless Chris Pratt GIFs.

Beauty among the faded.

The lucky #13.

The Hunk of the Day feature kept things interesting, thanks to the likes of Lewis Bloor, Luca Lampis, Ronnie Cash, Amir Khan, Benjamin Alfonso, & Wayne Parker Gregory.

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