Banned by… Primark?

The annoying, obnoxious little kid in me (who takes up far more space than I’d like to admit) just wants to yell ‘Ooooh! I’m so hurt by this!! WAH-WAH!!!’ but the adult in me would like to seriously address the fact that the Primark store in Boston has banned from its WiFi access.

This is not a pornographic site, despite what your research or online filters indicate. There is no full-frontal nudity and there are absolutely no depictions of sexual acts whatsoever. Sorry, I know you may be offended by hot guys in various states of shirtlessness and undress, and the naked butt might be racy and NSFW, but it’s not pornography, so get over your prurient nonsense.

I had the same issue with Amtrak, which eventually saw the light and unbanned from their train service, so I’m hopeful Primark may do the same. (Not that it matters much to anyone else, but if they want me to frequent their store I’d like to see what I’m up to online.)

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