A Birthday Recap, A Day Late

Ensconced in the Judy Garland Suite of the Lenox Hotel on my 40th birthday, I am in no position to worry about blogging or updating this website, so I’m pre-populating posts such as this one, in which a look back over the previous lovely week will have to suffice until my return to the hum-drum existence to which I’ve instantly become unaccustomed. While we normally do the weekly recap on a Monday, it’s a day late because of birthday shenanigans. On with the show…

Setting the Pace was Hunk of the Day Lee. Fellow quirky actor Miles Teller kept it going.

One of the first official tour stops was Cape Cod, but even better than that was the introduction of The Brits ~ cherished friends of JoJo who quickly became cherished in my heart as well. She has a knack of making people feel like they belong.

Summer flavors are better than any other.

Kelly Kilpatrick shows off his naked man butt for his Hunk of the Day debut.

Sumer was blooming its head off.

Putting the wood in Freddie Woodward.

In real time we’re just ending it now, but this is where it all began.

Tom Daley’s bulge is beautiful in burgundy.

Beauty’s where you find it, and sometimes it whispers.

Manchester hunk and ball-master Luke Shaw.

The rousing cry of the return of a rebel.

A Madonna Timeline to coincide with the eve of a birthday.

I turned 40. Fucking 40. And I think I’m gonna like it here.

Happy Ass Ending, because some things never change.

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