30 Days Hath September

How have we reached the last day of September? Tempus fugit indeed. (I guess all those years of Latin finally paid off, in a single blog sentence that no one under 30 is going to get.) The sigh of time. We’ll get to October tomorrow – for now, let’s bask in Septembers past.

Beginning with last year, in which September saw several musical posts. Music always seems to get a little deeper at this time of the year, slightly more somber and serious.

September 2012 was a bit eclectic. There was music, but there were sperm quotes and sexy men as well, including a follow-up battle of who had the better butt: Channing Tatum or Joe Manganiello?

Madonna, Anderson Cooper, and my naked spa experiences made up the bulk of posts from September 2011. Sorry about that last one, it just had to be done.

The same goes for September 2010.

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