Kanye West Brings Out the Worst in Everyone, Even Beyoncé

It’s not easy to make Kim Kardashian look more grotesque than she more than manages to do on her own, but Kanye West did just that as she paraded around in one of his ridiculous get-ups. Debuting his fashion line (to the front-row attendance of Anna Wintour no less, who sat unamusedly beside Kanye and Kim’s misbehaving spawn, South West, or whatever they named the poor tyke) Kanye managed to wrangle some big names to his event. The unfortunate aspect is that he seemed to have brought out the worst in everyone. They ALL looked utterly ridiculous, if not completely hideous. Again, when you’re a Kardashian it’s hard to look more nonsensical than you usually do, but here they upped the awful quotient. I mean, Kris Jenner simply looks deranged.

Bonus: Justin Bieber was there to add some class to the event. Now you think about that.

Even Beyoncé got dragged down into the horrendous. I don’t know what the hell that fur thing is but GROIN. (Rihanna has always looked this foolish to me.)

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