Kardashian Khaos

For the most part I’ve always refrained from saying bad things about Kim Kardashian because she never really registered on my radar. I figured if she was living her life and making her own money, why should it concern me? But even I couldn’t escape the hyped-to-high-hell extravaganza that was her wedding, and though I skipped out on the hours of coverage, I was aware of it. The only time she raised my ire was when I discovered that this was her second wedding. Even then I figured if she was happy, and her husband-to-be was happy, then why should I care?

When she filed for divorce 72 days later, however, I took a little offense. Some of us still can’t get married once in most of this country, much less twice – and for her to so flagrantly throw the vows of marriage away flies in the face of everyone who so honors that tradition. I would think anyone that valued love would find it offensive, particularly in light of all the money she and her family made off the whole thing. All of those millions of dollars just wasted… I think of all the people in this world who could have been substantially helped with that money – good people who are doing good things to help others – and I think of what Kim Kardashian did with it and it makes me sick. But again, that was her right, her money, and if someone is willing to spend it and watch her foolish antics on television or buy her stupid perfume, then more power to her. The offense comes in the way she hyped it, hawked it, and ultimately divorced it.

(As for her hapless neanderthal of a husband Kris Humphries, I only hope he got a nice cut of everything too. Seems a waste to give up your integrity, honor, and public image for anything less than a couple million.)

PS – Anyone who Tweets with exclamation points on the day of their divorce is fucked up.


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