Boston Possibilities

Kira and I will be celebrating our very belated birthdays this weekend in Boston, a somewhat impromptu get-together just as the holiday shopping season gets underway. We will hopefully be solidifying plans for our annual Holiday Stroll, but as I was contemplating things to do this weekend, I realized that some of our most-fun moments have been the unplanned events that simply unfolded as they casually came into being. Though my Virgo nature will always appreciate a plan, especially if there’s an itinerary involved, sometimes it’s best to fly by the seat of your pants.

Our very first Holiday Stroll was a spur-of-the-moment event, and only half-way through that holiday walk did we christen it a Holiday Stroll, setting a precedent for all the ensuing years. I love that it’s become a tradition, but after last year’s itinerary became a blueprint for almost everything that we didn’t do, I realized that too much structure isn’t always a good thing. Of course, changing one’s nature is not such an easy thing.

I was thinking this weekend might be the start of an annual pre-Thanksgiving jaunt, such is the strength of my ties to organization, but I’d rather not bind us to anything just yet. For now, the city is a sprawling land of possibility. That’s how we’re going to keep it.

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