Show Us Your Tackle

Ever since the #CockInASock craze and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I’ve been on the lookout for the next fun-yet-ridiculous-in-the-name-of-a-good-cause event. It seems that may be on hand with #ShowUsYourTackle, as put on by one of my favorite clothing shops, Jack Wills, in support of the brainstrust – a brain tumor charity. Most of the guys who have been doing this are doing so with their shirts off, as exhibited by the photos here of the Flair Bears.

You can enter the contest too (even if you probably can’t use the big £5000 bar tab) but you’ll need a pair of Jack Wills pants (and you can’t borrow mine). I may show you my tackle, but not unless this sinus issue clears up, and soon. I don’t pose when I’m this sick – it’s just a thing.

Here are the official rules:

To be entered into the competition, it’s pretty simple. Get your Jack Wills pants out (take this as you may: on your head; over your jeans; or strip down…), take a picture, and upload to Instagram, making sure to hashtag #showusyourtackle and tag @JackWills.

For each picture posted Jack Wills will donate £1 to Brainstrust, so you can be doing something amazing for charity, AND entering the competition…ALL whilst getting your kit off.

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