Washington in Pink

Having been to Washington, DC numerous times, and posting about it in equal measure, there isn’t much more to be said about our Nation’s Capitol that hasn’t been said before. Instead, I’ll focus on the bits of beauty that were on display this time around, starting with a pink motif that ran gorgeously through this recent visit.

It began in the last of the cherry blossoms – the late-blooming Kwanzan. The traditional single-flowered trees were long past their prime, but these still hung their frilly carriage against the bright blue sky.

The redbuds were in spectacular effect, their vibrant shade perhaps the strongest of the flowering trees, and their pea-like blooms have the unique trait of blooming directly from the tree bark.

Also called the Judas tree (in part because they will bloom wherever the tree is nicked or cut) this is a pretty specimen for planting because its leaves are some of the most handsome around, and retain their beauty throughout the season, never getting ragged or worn no matter how strong the wind may gust.

Their limbs have a reputation for being on the weak side, prone to snapping in strong storms, but in a slightly sheltered spot they should be fine, and my lone tree has never (knock on weak wood) faltered.

You can better see the bloom-from-the-bark phenomenon below.

Finally, tulips provided their own rosy accompaniment to the pink theme, nodding in the cool breeze and sunlight. Washington in bloom is a beautiful sight.

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