Seattle Post Script

My trip to Seattle began with an octopus dish, so it’s only fitting that it close with the same. This opener at my closing meal at Bar Sajor featured the tender tentacles of that familiar cephalopod, and a tomato salad that made striking use of the purple blooms of borage and orange marigolds as dazzling accents in flavor and appearance (not that such delicious heirloom tomatoes needed any help in looks or flavor).

It would be difficult to say farewell to such a wonderful city, where verdant stretches of beauty expanded ever-outward, where meals were sumptuously simple and fresh, where forests rose and cyclamen bloomed, where whales sang and soared, and where things sometimes felt too dreamy to be true. It was a glorious final pause of summer, and a highlight of The Delusional Grandeur Tour thus far.

Like most places that have been a home to me when I’ve been far from home, Seattle will now occupy a portion of my wanderlusting heart ~ a place that helped me kick off my final tour, and the beginning of my 40th year.

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