Return to the Emerald City

The Delusional Grandeur Tour traverses the country this weekend, as I make my way from Maine to the West Coast, and my first visit to Seattle since 1998. When last I left that Emerald City, I was riding in an over-heated white Volvo station wagon with Suzie, and as incongruent and unlikely as that sounds to my preferred mode of living, it was one of the happiest times of my life.

After a few days in Seattle, we had packed up Suzie’s meager minimalist belongings and headed out, and one of the only things I remember about that first day of traveling (aside from the over-heating) was a magnificent field of sunflowers, resplendent in the deep amber glow of an August sunset. It remains a memory that warms my heart all these years later – a memory of beauty, of contentment, only slightly tinged with restlessness, and emboldened by a golden lining of hope.

This time around, I’m focusing solely on Seattle – home of the Nordstrom flagship store, the fish-flinging Pike Place Market, the team of hunky Cooper Helfet, and a whole fleet of whales soaring through Puget Sound. In other words, it’s the ideal place for a touring adventure. A throwback and a new beginning in one. A return – not a comeback – and a moment ripe for a sunset…

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