The Art of Touring


Having just spent a couple of days in Portland, Maine, it seems a little soon to be jetting off to the other side of the country, but such is the state of affairs when one is on tour. In a few days I’ll be in Seattle, and there are some serious ‘Delusional Grandeur Tour‘ posts coming up for that – but for now, a holding pattern to give me the chance to breathe.

The photos for this post were taken by permission in the Portland Museum of Art, where we were awaiting a showing of ‘Iris’ – and which is absolutely worth a trip for its own merit. A museum is a treat on the most beautiful sunny day (when there are fewer crowds) or the rainiest (when the place transports you to other realms of beauty). In this case, the day was hot, so we kept to the cool environs and surrounded ourselves with works of art. A ‘Director’s Cut’ show was on display, whereby various directors of other Maine museums had supplied some of their signature works for a grand exhibition – a greatest hits if you will. It was comforting to see the many pieces that referenced or originated in Ogunquit. We’ll head back there as we get deeper into the fall. Before that, I’m heading West… life is peaceful there.

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