Catching My Beach Breath

After six days at Rehoboth Beach, you’ll have to forgive my posts for being a little lighter of late. Allow me a moment to decompress, to come down from this beach high, and to revel in the relaxation afforded by my longest vacation in about ten years. I’ll conjure a few beach posts in a bit, hunkered down in some sad Starbucks and reliving the time that was the sun and the beach and the summer. Somehow, we rescued this one.

As for a brief peek of our trip, let’s just say it started off with a police bang, and I was not the one behind the wheel for a change. A nice change. My birthday dinner at Eden was nice, but dinner the following night at Blue Moon was way better. There were drag shows, dinner for 20, a collection of fun kids, french fries and ice cream on the beach, and a kite flight in the night.

I want to go back and do it all over again, and that’s exactly what this blog is going to do.

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